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Ceramic tiles have been since their origin an important element of decoration in architecture and space valorisation. Azulejos have been traditionally integrated in everyday life, creating specific atmospheres of harmony and beauty.

The techniques are very old, but they are permanently updated mainly with the work of modern artists that have been contributing for a new look in this very traditional activity.

The main objective of the Real Fábrica de Azulejos and Oficina 59 has been since their beginning in 1984 and 1990 and their merger in 1997 the improvement of the old techniques and the introduction of new elements of decoration suggested by prominent artists and decorators.

They are proud of their works, made in close cooperation with public and private entities highly valued either in Portugal or abroad.

Their work is seen in swimming pools, hotels, factories, companies, gardens, fountains, etc. In all these places the presence of the Azulejo is a very important factor for the beauty of the sites.

On the other hand, the real Fábrica de Azulejo and the Oficina 59 can make high quality copies of ancient themes with great respect for the traditional techniques of painting and manufacture.

Also the very traditional tile with repeated decoration motives can be made following the classical patterns, or in accordance with the wishes or inspiration of the clients.

In a word, the Real Fabrica de Azulejos and the Oficina 59 have been consistently updating the Azulejo manufacture, giving courses to whoever is interested in this specific activity, with great respect for the tradition of this important and beautiful art.

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